Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Durians : What tastes like heaven but smells like hell ? [1996 & Updated 15th Sept 2009]

I love durians !

There's no two ways about it. I will not hesitate to pay for a good durian. My earliest recollections as a kid was that once or twice a year, my maternal uncle, Tan Eng Chuan would drop a basket of assorted durians for us to feast on.

During the early 1980's when I was squatting at the MACPA Student Library whilst studying to be a Certified Public Accountant, myself and a couple of fellow CPA students namely Liew and Marina Tan used to drive to Sungai Pinang to taste durians.

In the last few years, my daughters have grown to love durians after our trip to the Tropical Fruits Garden. Kimberley just loves the cheesy D11.

The durians which I tasted over the years include :

Hor Lor

Check out this video of someone eating a Hor Lor

Ang Hwa 
- not nice

Lit Pan
- Very nice

Durian Ong 
- small but one of the best but unable to find the last few years :-(

Koon Poh 
- overrated

- fleshy but coarse & no kick , not recommended

Ganja aka Theeng Tangkai
- long stem, a bit on the dry side

- best so far, make sure you try this last

- good

- very good

Bak Yu aka Capri

- whitish but very good, not a clone
- best at the durian store near the Chap Kaki Stall

- an old favourite but very difficult to open

- a new favourite

Cheh Cheeh
- Don't quite like it

Ang Heh 
-  Over-rated

Ling Fong Chiao 

Updated 26th August 2009

A new favourite (available at Jalan Chain Ferry entrance to Chai Leng Park) is the Sultan, yum yum !

Interesting Durians Links

Penang Durian
The King Reigns at Bao Sheng

An intereresting article on thornless Durians !
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Smells Like Hell, Taste Like Heaven


Nb. I do not claim copyright over the various pictures of the Durians as they were extracted from various Durian-related sites (including from the links above) and placed here for the convenience of the reader :-)

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